Reach New Heights




Alpine & Glacier
Mountain Flying Adventures

Experience the mountains like never before. Discover alpine lakes, coastal mountain ranges, and hidden waterfalls. 


Three Tour Options

Looking for the perfect place to pop the question? We've got you covered. 

Two Tour Options

Intimate Backcountry Proposals


A scenic flight over spectacular lakes and mountains. Includes a backcountry landing. 

Two Tour Options

Mountain Landing Experience 

BC Heli Tours  

British Columbia is encompassed by serine landscapes and BC Heli Tours wants to fly you to new heights, offering the chance for you to immerse yourself in idyllic landscapes, waterfalls and cascading mountainsides. 

Become enamored with a three-sixty view of untouched mountain ranges covered in blankets of snow. 


We offer a multitude of excursions, discovering an exclusive adventure, tailored to you. Choose from any of our sightseeing tours, backcountry landings, proposal packages, and custom escapades. 

Operating out of Abbotsford BC, we are ready to take you on an adventure of a lifetime.