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Heli Proposals

1 hour flight with 1 hour backcountry landing

All photos captured by Leanne Sim Photographer

Justin & Hardeesh Finals-105.jpg

Soar into Romance

 Picture this: you and your beloved soaring above the breathtaking landscapes, taking in the beauty of the British Columbia mountains from a whole new perspective. Say those four special words in a breathtaking environment that reflects the uniqueness of your relationship.

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Photography Package

A Private Package for Two

With all that is offered in our backcountry proposal package, eliminate any worries about hiring a photographer. We work with Leanne Sim, a local professional, who specializes at capturing the gorgeous natural backdrop while highlighting a romantic and intimate feel.

Check out her portfolio here!


$1750.00 + 5% tax

Garett & Vickie106.jpg

backcountry proposal package

A Private Package for Two

Love is being taken to new heights with an intimate, breathtaking flight for your romantic proposal. One hour flight with panoramic views and an hour of landing time, you'll be able to commemorate your engagement and savor the moment


$549.00 /person + 5% tax

Garett & Vickie106.jpg


Send us a message here for any more information or booking inquiries. We can't wait to hear from you!

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Please Note: There is a maximum of 3 people per flight and all tours are weather dependent for safety reasons, we will make every effort to maintain contact with you regarding the conditions prior to your flight. Please be prepared for the possibility of having to rebook your flight.

Max Seat Weight: 250lbs

When filling out your personal information on our booking request, please provide accurate passenger weights. Our commercial pilots use these weights to determine the maximum fuel load and balance of the aircraft. Inaccurate reporting of weights may result in a cancellation of the flight. Weight limits may vary based on seasonal temperatures. Also, landing times may vary depending on seasonal weather changes. BC Heli Tours reserves the right to cancel any booking on or before the date of the tour for any reason. 

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